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It’s hard to keep up with the day-to-day when you’re not well-rested. But some sleep disorders are not just a hindrance, they can have serious health implications. Diagnosing one requires a trained comprehensive assessment.

Our experts at PCSI ask you the right questions and listen with compassion.

They have a sound understanding of the dynamics of sleep disorder symptoms and are members of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. They are able to differentiate the ambiguous, highly variable signs like snoring, daytime fatigue, the inability or difficulty falling asleep, or feeling tired moments after waking up as either situational or requiring the need for further testing.

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PCSI utilizes in-home sleep test devices, when indicated, that monitor respirations, oxygen levels, and breathing effort over a prescribed amount of time. For those which in-lab studies are better indicated, we also have partnerships with local sleep lab facilities. PCSI has a multitude of modern equipment options to offer if needed.

We want you to sleep safely and comfortably.

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